Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Teacher Appreciation or Mother's Day Gift

 Oh, hi! Do you remember me? Been a while, I know, but life in the midst of mold is not the greatest, healthiest or most exciting. Hopefully now that we've dealt with it, things will get better.
 Aaaaanyway, I am just hopping in here because I liked what we just put together for our teachers, and thought some others might like it too; it is a very simple and nice last minute idea. It could also work nicely for Mother's Day.
Our first gift were heart shaped muffins (or gluten-free cookies), cutely wrapped in those always malleable pipe cleaners, and with a simple and sweet note by the kids.
 We were in charge of organizing the gifts for all the teachers at our school. Since gift cards or money seem to be most appreciated, we decided to do cash, using "365", to represent each day of the year. But to make it more special, I thought of making embellished envelopes like they use in Japan for wedding money gifts. Looking for things to fancy up the envelopes, I found some confetti hearts, footsteps and circle cut-outs of World maps leftover from a baby shower I had hosted long ago, and "inspiration hit me".
 The words are a bit corny, but I am going through the worst cold I've had in my life, and my brain does not want to help much. You might have better luck if you try, I won't mind!
 You can always change the number, depending on how much money you'd like to give.
 Congratulations to all our teachers; we REALLY appreciate the immense work you do for our kids!
 And Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there!!!


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