Thursday, February 19, 2015

Paper Dress, for Mayhem

I, as probably most of the World by now, discovered Fashion by Mayhem a while ago, and fell completely in love with the creativity and cuteness that this mom and daughter team come up with daily. Of course, as soon as I showed it to Sophie (after a million "wwwwooooooowwwwws" and "oooooohhhhhs"), she said: 'When can we make a paper dress?!'. I said that whenever she wanted, and proceeded to collect all the white and brown paper that come in all those big delivery boxes, and then waited. She would ask from time to time, and I would say that we could make one then, but she would inevitably end up running after her brother, jumping around over the couches, doing gymnastics, or hula hooping. But finally the day came when she asked, and surprisingly asked again and again, until I believed she really wanted to do it. So we got into designing.
Then she decided she needed a mannequin, like Mayhem's, so we improvised one:
After the last touches, she decided she was ready to put it on and asked me to take a picture, so we could send it to "that girl". She waved at the camera, and said: 'This one!'

We had no interesting papers, and only blue tape, but she still loved it.
And then it snowed, and she put the dress on again and said she had to be the queen of the snow (who had to wear a bun).
 Not sure when we'll make another one, but we both had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks Mayhem and Angie for the inspiration and for sharing your wonderful creations with us!
 The inspiration was in fact so great, that when in the middle of the dress making I had to go to put little brother down for a nap, Sophie made a paper bag for him, all by herself :).

 On a separate note, I wanted to mention that Angie and Mayhem are working with Go Red For Women "to help raise awareness that heart disease is the leading killer of women in the United States, and that the vast majority of cases are preventable. That’s a tough message NOT to get behind. Especially for someone raising a daughter …" (in Angie's words).
 Angie wrote a post about having a heart attach scare, and I can relate to her. In my case, it went like this: You think 'There's no way this is a heart attack... it may be a panic attack, but not much more than that". But then when you reluctantly call the nurse line, and they tell you to call 911, it starts to get a bit scary (albeit thinking you're wasting everybody's time). They check you vitals and they are not great, but not that bad, but they still want to take you to the hospital. "Really?", you think. Then there, just as if they were talking about a tooth ache, they mention that it seems like you had a micro heart attack... "Whaaattt???!!". Then miraculously, after a day at the hospital and lots of tests, they say that it was not a heart attack, that you had elevated levels of a cardiac enzyme, but they have no idea what it was.... "Ok, I guess I'll take that". I had no idea that the pressure on the chest -like someone is sitting on it- was one of the main symptoms (as opposed to the sharp pain that I thought accompanied) heart attacks.
 Please, inform yourselves and spread the word. The Go Red For Women website has great info.

 Stay warm and cuddle as much as you can (that is the trick at our house).


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