Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Did I Wish You a Happy Halloween?

Oh, yes, it's come and gone, right? This was a lazy Halloween, since there was too much going on, but it is still my favorite holiday, so we had to do something. Sophie looked very cute in her store-bought pirate costume. I was happy with our store-bought decorations.
And at the last minute, I decided to make a Bam Bam costume for Oliver (since I couldn't find the pirate onesie that I was looking for). It took less than five minutes, and no sewing, but he looked super cute (if I do say so myself).
All I did was cut some brown fleece, draw some triangles with a black Sharpie, and pin it with a huge safety pin that I found lying around (out of the baby's reach, of course).
The log was the body of a styrofoam model plane covered in brown paper and finished with sharpie details. A white onesie, a new stuffed dinosaur and an old pair of Sophie's boots finished the outfit.
He loved handing candies all night long, and the little while he went trick or treating, he tried to give the candy back to the people who gave it to him, ha!
And now I better put away the Halloween decorations and start planning for Thanksgiving.


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